The tour will end with a rally at ICE headquarters to highlight corporate profiteering off detention and deportation and demand the camps be closed. News Politics ... (ICE) or contracts they have with other companies who have contracts with ICE. That led Google to announce internally that it plans to end its contract with the Department of Defense next year, while Google CEO Sundar Pichai later published a set of “principles” for its work on AI. Caged children curl together under aluminum-foil blankets while Marc Benioff’s net worth rises like the tide, and colorful fish float in front of his SCUBA mask. Microsoft has a $19.4 million contract with ICE. newsletter, plans to end its contract with the Department of Defense, published a set of “principles” for its work on AI, aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. “I am sorry I’m actually scuba diving right now.”. Login to your Salesforce Customer Account. But who does this almost two-thousand-mile-long construct benefit? Salesforce, which occupies that giant building that has come to dominate the SF skyline, has a contract with the US Customs and Border Patrol, part of ICE – and part of the operation that is tearing kids away from their families. In early July, Benioff tweeted that the company had donated $1 million to organizations helping families separated at the border. The reason? They aren’t just asking to rework or revoke one contract, but for their company to be more mindful overall going forward. Like all animals, they migrate in search of food, water, and shelter, crossing and recrossing the border. CATEGORIES Contract Management HelloSign for Salesforce helps you create, send, track, eSign, and save contracts and agreements: all without leaving Salesforce. More than 650 people have reportedly signed on to the letter. Palantir earned more than $24 million in contracts with ICE during the 2020 government fiscal year. Regarding the letter, a Salesforce spokesperson said in an emailed statement that one of the “greatest things” about the company is that employees can openly exchange their ideas. As Ryan made clear, the cloud is the backbone of CBP and ICE’s data-driven surveillance operations, and its importance to these agencies only continues to grow. News for the East Bay's diverse, working-class majority. IBM has received $1.8 billion in contracts from ICE and CBP since 2008. After receiving the workers’ petition, he praised his employees’ concern but chose to side with CBP rather than with the families being torn apart at the border. According to Salesforce, CBP uses a number of the tech company’s products to “modernize its recruiting process” and “manage border activities.” While Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a separate agency within DHS, ICE and CBP are heavily intertwined, and DHS has even considered merging the two agencies. It included a rule against developing AI weaponry. They aren’t just asking to rework or revoke one contract, but for their company to be more mindful overall going forward. While Salesforce remains the most well-known name in CRM software, their billing practices, one-sided contracts, and minimal user support can make them a bad fit for small businesses. Filed Under: Dreamforce, ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Salesforce. Read and share an Open Letter to Salesforce from Fight for the Future. The series of letters comes at a time when it’s increasingly clear that the tech industry has created or enhanced major societal problems by failing to keep itself in check. A dozen or so people accompanied by a 14-foot, 800-pound cage gathered in downtown San Francisco Tuesday morning to protest Salesforce’s contract … The cloud is quickly becoming the backbone of CBP and ICE’s operations. Benioff’s statement displayed his willful ignorance: CBP was paying Salesforce for products and software that helped it to hire more CBP agents and manage border activities. Salesforce employees are taking a broader view here in pushing for change. In late April 2020, CBP signaled its interest in its own multimillion-dollar cloud deal that would provide access to services from Microsoft and Amazon, as well as competitors International Business Machines Corp., Oracle Corp., Google and Inc. On the morning of the scheduled phone call, Benioff emailed to cancel. 32 organizations who are Salesforce customers, including Fight for the Future, Greenpeace International, Free Press, and The Icarus Project have signed an … Join the Tour of Shame this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Monday, October 14, 2019. As the border crisis, with its images of family separation and concentration camps, became more widely recognized under Trump, Salesforce workers began to organize against the Border Patrol contracts. The cloud turbocharges efforts to track and detain immigrants by enabling city, state, and regional law enforcement agencies to rapidly share vast amounts of personal and private information, including biometrics. Salesforce employees are demanding the company "speak out against" CBP's practices of enforcing immigration laws and re-examine their contract. RAICES publicly rejected the donation, saying they would only accept the money if Salesforce ended their contract with CBP. No, the border construct, like many systems within capitalism, tramples the poor and working classes while helping the rich accumulate even more wealth. This marks the third major tech company, following Microsoft and Amazon, whose employees have protested when their company sells its technology to the government.